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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  July 13, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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fredericksburg getting hammered. all activities pushing off to the southeast at about 20 miles an hour. now, in addition to that we do have severe thunderstorm warnings for calvert and charles and st. mary's and king george. also going to throw up the flash flood warning. so the storm has already moved through these areas. if you come to a flooded road in fairfax, prince george's our prince william. don't cross. find another way around, please. that is a serious situation. we will give you the wide picture. you can see the watch box being trimmed. most of the watch is well south of 66 and most of the severe weather is 20 miles even further south than that. so things are improving slowly but surely. earlier northwest we got hammered with pretty good rainfall too. small hail with these storms around arlington now everything has cleared out of the immediate metro area. did not do traffic any good. doesn't take much to mess up traffic here in the metro area. so all the watches and warnings at the bottom of your screen. severe thunderstorm watch south of town until 10 p.m.
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if you're north of town you're out of the woods for severe weather. lesli, back to you. >> topper, you talked about how weather can impact roads. dave calhoun knows how they are looking right now. >> reporter: a ramp closed due to flooding and is creating delays all the way back to route 50. looks like a morning rush hour instead of an afternoon. we also had flooding earlier on the outer loop of the capitol beltway at i-66 on the left side of the roadway. that flooding has disappeared on us. all lanes are now open but the resulting delays due to that stretch all the way back to colesville road. long trip into town on that side of town. dc council man marion barry. more on the drug related arrest of barry's son christopher. bruce? >> reporter: people saying they have nothing but sympathy for
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christopher barry. the u.s. attorney's office has confirmed to 9news now that 31- year-old christopher barry was arrested back on may 28th. it was a saturday. he was arrested and it was a felony charge. possession of pcp with intent to distribute. he was held in jail for the weekend. released. ordered to undergo urine testing before his next court appearance on july 25th. according to court papers here is what happened. police went to his apartment on martin luther king avenue in southwest. it was an investigation into a reported fight. they couldn't get inside. they called the fire department and forced their way into the apartment. once inside they observed some blood on the floor and what appeared to be drugs, marijuana and pcp. they say christopher barry escaped through a window and later returned and was arrested. i talked to his father, marion barry, about the arrest of his
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son. >> as a parent, talk to me about it. tell me something. >> what do you want to talk about? >> how are you doing with this? >> i have nothing to talk about it. >> is he okay? >> i'm not talking about it. >> should we talk to friends? >> no. don't talk to anybody. give us our privacy. >> reporter: give us our privacy. anything but a private life for christopher barry. as a young child you might recall, he was escorted into the house. his face covered as his father was going through his own drug ordeal and trial. christopher barry delivered a moving ulogy at his mother's funeral. we will have more coming up at 6 p.m. >> bruce, thanks. an elderly man is behind bars after allegedly sexually
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assaulting two women who came to his employment agency for help. the 72-year-old man forced his victims to watch porn before he then attacked them. our andrea mccarren has been working this story joining us live with these allegations. >> reporter: investigators believe he preyed on some of the most vulnerable residents in fairfax county. unemployed women. some who may be in this country illegally. he charged immigrants $50 for help finding restaurant, construction and cleaning jobs. >> shocked. >> reporter: surprise and disgust over the arrest of the 72-year-old man who runs the world employment agency in anondale. >> it is ridiculous. it really is. >> reporter: on july 7th investigators say lee sexually assaulted a 41-year-old woman who was looking for work. allegedly locked into a room and told to watch a video.
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a video that was pornographic. >> if you are not familiar, for example, with this country or with the types of practices that go on in an employment agency, then you might be very confused and very concerned when you watch a video like this. >> reporter: that investigate led to the discovery of a second victim. a 28-year-old hispanic woman allegedly assaulted under similar circumstances on may 19th. police fear there may be many more. >> detectives feel strongly there are other victims out there and this apparently could have been going on for years. >> reporter: no answer at either his office or his home where acquaintances are stunned. >> he is the last person i would expect to do that if he is guilty of it. >> reporter: why do you say that? >> because he just seems like a very nice person. and at his age. >> i have seen him leave. start up his wife's car for her to come out. >> reporter: fairfax county police want other victims to come forward regardless of
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their immigration status. in fact, to encourage victims to report alleged crimes police are providing translators who speak spanish and korean and we have put important messages for them on our website ate reporting live, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> thank you for that, andrea. more breaking news from bowie, maryland, where police are investigating there. matt jablow has the story. >> reporter: extremely active crime scene here in this well kept middle class neighborhood in bowie. take a look at video we shot a short time ago. prince george's county police were called to a house in the 13,000 block of livingstone and bever drive this afternoon. the initial call was for a shooting. when the police arrived at the house they found a man with a gunshot wound dead at the scene. police say they believe the victim was targeted and that he
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was not a random victim. and right now the very latest information is that the two men that were found in this neighborhood are now being questioned by police. as soon as we have any more information we will be sure to pass it along. for now let's go back to the studio, lesli and anita. >> matt, thank you for that. a tragic and gruesome discovery in new york city where an 8-year-old boy got lost walking home from day camp monday and asked the wrong man for directions. >> the dismembered body was found in the moment of a neighbor and the story just gets worse from there. our derek mcginty picks it up from the satellite center. derek, we should warn our viewers about the very graphic content of this story. >> reporter: yes, that's a very apt warning, lesli, because even hardened people are even upset by this story. he was found inside a refrigerator and the rest found
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inside a nearby dumpster. surveillance video showed the boy walking down the street with a strange man. he has been missing since monday afternoon when he was supposed to walk just seven blocks in a safe neighborhood to meet up with his mom after day camp. but he got lost and police believe he asked aaron for directions. well, by the time the police got to aaron's apartment they found the door ajar and aaron just sitting there inside. >> when detectives asked where the boy was, aaron nodded toward the kitchen where detectives observed blood on the freezer handle of the refrigerator. inside the refrigerator was a cutting board with three carving naives with blood on them. some of the remains were in the freezer. and others in the dumpster 2.5 miles away. >> reporter: just a nightmare scenario there, lesli and anita. police are still questioning aaron and investigating exactly what the cause of death might
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have been for the boy. but aaron has made statements linking him to the crime. it left residents shocked about what happened. one other note. we are told this was the first time that he had been allowed to walk the route himself. the day before his parents took him on a dry run. they wanted to make sure he knew the way. they wanted to make sure he got home safe. lesli? >> derek, the story just breaks your heart. it really does. now we go to india where they are on high alert tonight after what is believed to have been a coordinated terrorist attack. at least 21 people killed in three separate explosions. 81 others are hurt. the blast hit a crowded neighborhood during the evening rush hour. among the targets, a popular jewelry market. a crowded neighborhood. and a busy business district. just three years ago terrorists attacks killed 166 people in
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the same area. investigators now looking for new suspects in the case. there are some staggering figures out there about airport security. today the transportation safety administration reported there have been 25,000 security breaches in the 10 years since 9/11. while the tsa has critics in congress many other travelers are much more understanding. delia gonclaves is live in the newsroom with a closer look at both of the sides of the issue. >> reporter: the number was presented to congress earlier today. 25,000. it certainly seems like a lot considering it takes just one security breach. the next time you're standing in a security line consider this. security is breached an average of five times a year at each of the nation's 450 plus airports. >> you have to stop and think about it. it is a little unnerving. >> i think they are probably minor. >> reporter: the tsa says many of the 25,000 security breaches
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are mere accidents. distracted passengers wandering in a do not enter area or leaving a bag behind at the security gate. plus the tsa says the number as large as it is only represents a frackion of 5.5% of the billions of travelers. still that record is not good enough for congress. >> unfortunately we have to be right all the time. terrorists only have to get lucky once. >> reporter: they testified on the hill today. bomb sniffing dogs demonstrating ways to find bombs. this pat down of a 6-year-old child in washington state. >> when i take my shoes off i think the terrorists are laughing. >> it takes a little time to get better at something new like this. i just pray it doesn't happen to me. >> flying is safer than it has ever been. i don't mind the security we have to go through and of course there are some understandable lapses in it.
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i think they are doing a great job. >> we talked to a tsa spokesperson. that person tells me they are constantly updating the many layers of their security approach and that each and every airport in the nation goes through a security assessment every year. lesli? >> all right, delia, thanks for the update. the u.s. women's soccer team has a date with japan in the world cup final and there was a roar in the newsroom today. >> absolutely. the u.s. women won a thrilling game this afternoon against france. brett haber joins us with highlights. >> it wasn't a question of talent. most experts agreed the u.s. had the horses to beat france today. it was a question in fuel. would the u.s. team have any left after playing those emotional 122 minutes against brazil then just two days to rest while france had three days to rest. the americans brimming with confidence after that comeback win on sunday. they took it to the french early. ninth minute heather o'riley down the left wing.
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crosses for liz cheney and she pokes it in. an early 1-0 lead. the french tied it early in the 2nd half. but in the 70th minute abbey smacks a header off the corner. third straight game with a goal for abbey and the u.s. added another one to make it a 3-1 final. they are into the world cup title match. >> this is our journey. this is our dream. france is a great team. i think there were moments when they were outplaying us. a rainy day and the ball is slippery. at this point it is about who wants it. about who is willing to leave it all out on the field. >> certainly appears the u.s. is that team. they will meet japan in the final on sunday. their first trip to the championship match since 1999 when the americans won the whole thing. anita. >> a lot of kids excited watching all this happen. a disturbing wake up calls. vandals hitting vehicles. police are investigating all of
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this as a hate crime. orange county, spotsylvania and king george severe weather warnings until 6 p.m. we will come back and tell us when the storms will leave us alone and when we will get a break from the heat.
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talks it rate the debt ceiling and lower the deficit are underway again at the white house. it is the fourth meeting in four days as lawmakers look for ways to come to some kind of an agreement. both sides of course are fighting over spending cuts that will accompany any deal. as the deadline to reach an agreement approaches the warnings have been growing more dire. >> clearly if we went so far as to default on the debt it would be a major crisis. >> senate minority leader offering a long shot proposal giving president obama the ability to raise the debt limit unless congress blocks him. the president plans to meet
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with lawmakers every day until they break their stale mate. lesli? >> all right. we first told you last night about a possible teen curfew in montgomery county. a proposal from county executive ike leggett would bar anyone under 18 from being on the streets after 11 p.m. on week days and curfew extended to midnight on weekends. joining us now to discuss this legislation is montgomery county police chief tom manager and the 16-year-old student member of the county school board. thank you so much for joining us, gentlemen. chief major, let me start with you. why do you support this curfew? >> well, it is really another tool in the tool box for police officers. we have had experiences especially recently where we have heard from kids that we have encountered out late at night they have got a curfew in prince george's and dc so montgomery county is the place that folks are coming.
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and so we just really want to be consistent with the other jurisdictions in the region so that it doesn't create problems here that other jurisdictions have dealt with through the curfew legislation. >> so, allen, it seems fairly straight forward, right? this is a move about safety. but under this curfew you would have to be off the streets by a certain time too. why do you think this is not a good move for the county? >> actually, i think that safety is definitely a goal. but the issue many other minors have with this law is for one thing it is missing an exemption that the prince george's county has in section 14.103 of the curfew. a movie, sporting event. >> say you were going to see harry potter. you would have an hour between then and getting home to do it that you wouldn't have in
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montgomery county? >> in montgomery county i could go and i would have to have my mom and dad with me. whereas in prince george's county i would be able to drive myself as long as i went directly to and from. >> the chief is really talking about safety here, chief. one of the cases that the county executive is trying to make for passing this curfew and really kind of fast tracking it through the council is that gang crime, crime involving young people is linked to young people being out past these hours. what kind of statistics. what can you tell us to kind of support this claim? >> well, it is not only the crime that these young folks are committing, it is the fact that folks, especially under 18, are really overrepresented as victims of crime and we find a lot of kids that are out in certain areas of the county that end up getting robbed, assaulted. so we are as much trying to
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help young kids not become victims as well as dealing with crime issues. i think that allen brings up a good point. we are looking at prince george's legislation. we are looking at dc's legislation. and i think there is going to be a discussion certainly with the council over the next week to talk about those exemptions. to talk about those issues. because we are not trying to affect kids that are out doing healthy things, involved in a lot of school activities and other things that are not an issue and never become an issue for the police department. we are really trying to address crime issues, safety issues. so we are going to look at those exemptions that other jurisdictions have and certainly consider them as we move forward and craft the final version of our legislation. >> as you listen to the chief, it sounds like you are both speaking the same talk. you want the exemption changed? is that what you are saying?
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you do actually support a curfew? >> actually in the end i really do see a curfew as something that hasn't really been proven. juvenile delinquency has been proved by a number of behaviorists. it has been said to have been caused by a complex combination of factors such as involvement with peers, family and other social effects. the fact that a curfew takes place at night doesn't combat the fact that most crimes committed by juveniles occur during the afternoon. >> sounds like there is some ground between where the county executive and the chief stand and where you stand. thank you, chief, for your time. allen, thank you for coming in as well. >> lesli, thank you. crews were busy dealing with a whole lot of water in capital heights. a water main break in the 500 block of hampton park boulevard.
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the 20-inch pipe ruptured this morning just before 9:30 a.m. the location is another near giant water main break that flooded businesses and a church just last january. crews are hoping to wrap up work on this latest problem tonight. and speaking of problems and things to watch, severe weather. we go to you, topper. >> it is getting better. if you are north of town no big problems. if you're south of town you're still dealing with some big thunderstorms. in the wake of some of the storms still some flash floods in effect. they are at the bottom of the screen. take heed in that as well. watch the watch box get trimmed. starting with thunderstorms 2, 3 p.m. they are south of us now. watch box in response gets trimmed. so now it is essentially dc south. but i think even further south to get the really severe weather. doppler weather. access on our website we are looking at big thunderstorms south. a massive area of hail just to the east of oak grove.
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everything is pushing off to the east. leonard town heavy rain just to your south. very heavy rain now just south of 3 and actually right around 3 towards port royal. we are talking about rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. so this will probably lead us to more flash flood warnings in the wake of these storms. to the west we go. spotsylvania under a severe thunderstorm warning now. this is a lot of hail and that's one of the criteria for severe thunderstorms. this is tremendous rains straddling here. watch this for possible rotation as it approaches 95 south of fredericksburg. we will also go up to the north and west. a couple of straggler storms behind these storms. these are pretty hefty too around middletown and also extending over into montgomery county -- excuse me, into frederick county. they will produce heavy rains. don't see hail or strong gusty winds. we will watch those for you very carefully. we will widen out a little bit and we will go back down to these storms and see where they are going to go in the next
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hour. the computer generally takes them almost due south. holds them together. still will be intense as they go through the northern neck. so folks in reedville and king george get ready for another round of pretty big thunderstorms. once that goes through we are in pretty good shape. look at the temperatures. this is nice. 76 downtown. 77 in gaithersburg. 81 in leesburg. so a break from humidity is on the way. storms early tonight primarily south. clearing and cooler tonight. breezy and just terrific on thursday. still fantastic on friday. next seven days. friday great shape. saturday and sunday cleaning it up a whether i will bit. we will keep it dry. moisture returns a little but we will just keep it dry. upper 80s. not bad. 90s creep back in here next week. with that heat thunderstorms also creeping back into the forecast especially tuesday and wednesday. so we will keep you updated with all the warnings and watches at the bottom of your screen of course at >> thank you so much. up next. rupert murdock taking another direct heat now withdrawing his
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bid for a lucrative british satellite company. we will have the latest.
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president obama's campaign and democratic party raised more than $86 million over the past three months. republican presidential candidates have raised a total of about $35 million. former governor mitt romney has raised the most. he has pulled in more than $18 million. meanwhile romney says he will not sign a controversial marriage pledge being pushed by a conservative group in iowa. romney is the first gop presidential candidate to reject the document. it calls on candidates to support marriage between a man and a woman. a spokeswoman says romney strongly supports traditional marriage but he says is he concerned the pledge contains provisions that are inappropriate. a stunning defeat for rupert murdock. he is dropping his plans to buy the british t.v. provider b sky b. certain defeat in parliament following the phone hacking scandal at murdocks news of the world
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newspaper had an effect. >> this company is disgraceful and has to be addressed at every level and they should stop thinking about mergers. >> british lawmakers planning an afternoon vote to force murdock to back away from the takeover view but his news corp. folded first saying it was too difficult to progress in the current climate. coming up next new at 5:30 p.m. disturbing wakeup call. overnight vandals hit dozens of cars in one area neighborhood and police say it is a hate crime.
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about 20 people in silver spring woke up this morning to find their car tires had been slashed and two of them had hate related grafitti on the left side of their vehicle. >> we learned about it from a man who tweeted this photo of one of the damaged cars. and as kristin fisher reports montgomery county police are now calling it a hate crime. >> i was furious. i was like really. >> reporter: it is bad enough that overnight vandals slashed two of patrick's tires but they also put this on the side of his pickup truck. >> i have no idea what it means. >> reporter: a block away matt's car got similar treatment. >> just the tires. i should be grateful for that. i didn't get the spray paint. >> reporter: but his neighbor did. >> hard to tell because of bad artwork. >> reporter: then there was this van.
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we blurred out the racial slur. so this is one of 20 cars up and down this street that were hit overnight. the big question now is, of course, who did this and why? >> i really have no idea. >> i think young kids come through late at night unsupervised and do stupid things. >> reporter: montgomery county police believe it is all connected and they are investigating it as a hate crime. >> reporter: a 13 year old isn't ready to make any closure to this case. she spent the morning cleaning up the street. >> i didn't like it. since it was all of that stuff i'm pretty sure people that are jews or gay people wouldn't like that very much. and i didn't want anybody to see that and be offended. >> reporter: if the vandals try to do it again. >> if it wasn't illegal i would put a bat to your head. >> reporter: in silver spring, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> if you have any idea who might be behind these vandalisms you are asked to call montgomery county crime solvers.
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the number to call is 1-866- 411-tips and if the vandals are convicted of a hate crime they face up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. postal service investigators have now linked two warrenton women to a series of thefts of packages in ashburn. the two women are both 33 both charged with stealing a package that was delivered to a home last month. they are also suspects in similar cases in the ashburn village community. one of the 12 ordinary citizens who found casey anthony not guilty of killing her daughter caylee. now the woman once known as juror number 3. she said she is not scared but would rather not deal with the attention she has gotten. >> i'm not going it back away from anything. you come home and everyone is mad at you. the media is outside hounding you and making it clear they
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are not leaving. it is just very stress fundamental. and you've got anonymous letters from people that are hateful and nasty. >> what have they said? >> the same comment is shame on you in all capital letters. >> it is just lack of hard evidence. like i said, the duct tape and things like that, if you took a good hard look at it you could kind of -- there was a lot of doubt surrounding all of those certain things. there is not enough to make anything stick. >> the jury did find anthony guilty on four charges of lying to law enforcement officers. she is set to be released from jail on sunday. a man whose run in with police made headlines in 1991 is being detained under suspicion of dui. rodney king was pulled over by police in california on tuesday after they say he broke several traffic regulations. he was given multiple field sobriety tests then taken to a
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police station for further testing. king was the victim of course of a videotape beating involving several los angeles police officers. their acquittal led to th los angeless riot. dr. phil came to washington today. i talked with him about why a law resonates so deeply with him ahead of his testimony. >> in is probably the most under reported crime in america. people just don't talk about it because there aren't good remedies within the court. 228 women are being victimized. they are being beaten. terrorized. intimidated as we sit here in the first hour. all behind closed doors. all undoubtedly feeling very alone. three of those women will be murdered today. >> dr. phil has an initiative called end the silence on
5:37 pm
domestic violence and if you sign a pledge on his website you're going to get this bracelet that i have there my hand. and the tough love doctor will continue to tackle tough stuff when season 10 starts. he also will pick up on topics where oprah left off. >> we are going to deal more with books. we are going to deal more with movies. deal more with those things that people find somewhat entertaining. we are going to approach it from a very different standpoint. >> they really have something to say. >> but we have to do that. and so i have made a pledge to my viewers that we are going to fight this on many different levels including the legislature. >> you'll get to see the new season launch right here on channel 9 starting september 12th at 4 p.m. and coming up at 6 p.m. dr. phil likes to call him a dc guy so i'll tell you where you might spot him around town. it fell down under the weight of the snow. up next watch the minneapolis
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metrodome live again. and coming up new at 6 p.m. >> more than 100 young c.e.o.s under the age of 30 are inside the russell building. what they have to say to the u.s. congress about fixing the economy. i'm britany morehouse. that's coming up. >> we are always on at don't forget. stay with us. we will be right back.
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they are raising the roof in minneapolis literally, and, yes, it is a very big one. it collapsed under the weight of heavy snow seven months ago but it is back in place now. the minneapolis vikings lost two home games because of the collapse of their stadium. the repair job cost an estimated $18 million. an insurance company picked up everything but the $25,000 deductible and the metrodome has been reinflated. >> all right. a new report says ben's chili bowl is looking to expand. the landsmark is considering a location in virginia. the owners are also said to be eyeing half a dozen locations in dc, maryland and virginia. ben's has one other satellite location now and it is in
5:42 pm
national park. some documents that have been kept secret for 95 years are now on display at the national archives. the documents detail germany's secret ink formulas from world war i. some are memos written for spies, generals and diplomats. invisible messages were sent. the materials will remain on display through the end of the month. coming up on 9news now. u.s. district court in washington, dc. opening statements underway in the perjury trial of roger clemens. the latest coming up. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. thank you for all the storm reports. talking about a possible funnel cloud about an hour and a half ago. we will show you live radar now. all the storms are south but there is still flood warnings in effect. we will come back and talk about that. talk about a change in humidity and temperatures. >> thank you, topper. and parents, you're going to soon have some healthier options when you take the kids out to eat.
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so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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a recall to tell you about tonight. chrysler is calling back more than 240,000 dodge ram pickup trucks. the automaker says there is a defect with the vehicle's car rod assembly affecting 2003, 2008 and 2011 ram models. a company spokesperson says there have been a few crashes and at least one case that involves some minor injuries. parents will no longer be limited to ordering fries and chicken nuggets when the kids have to eat out. starting today at at least 19 large restaurant chains you'll see some more healthier options. and thousands of them will increase servings of fruit, vegetables, lean protein and will cut fat, sodium and sugar in the children's meals. >> reporter: the handy family tries to choose healthy foods and lots of restaurants don't make the cut. >> we actually don't eat at the major chains because we don't
5:47 pm
find healthy options there. so if there is a choice we might be more inclined to go and try them again. >> reporter: 19 restaurant chains are banking on that including burger king, dennys. they will still sell their less healthy foods like hamburgers and price. an option with 600-calories and less and limits on sodium and sugar. vegetables and apple slices included. restaurants will flag these options on their menus. americans eat a third of their meals at restaurants and the government has been raising the pressure on fast food chains. first lady michelle obama has made it a priority. soon the government will require chain restaurants to post calories on their menus. >> 70% of consumer adults are saying i want to make more healthful choices for myself and my family when i dine out. >> having the option to get something healthy is right. >> reporter: though they aren't so sure. >> it is still going to be
5:48 pm
something like a chopped up chicken that you don't know what's in it and the chicken nuggets. >> reporter: mcdonald's has not signed onto the program so far. the company says it will evaluate its participation in the future. >> the new program was organized by the national restaurant association and it follows nutrition guidelines from the agricultural department. >> it is opening day at the roger clemens perjury trial right here in washington. the former baseball star accused of lying about his use of steroids and human growth hormones. lawyers on both sides already getting ready to clash about the evidence. who is saying what, what is the truth? we go to the federal courthouse. it seems like a lot is going to hinge on the credibility of his former trainer, right? >> reporter: that's right, anita. because his former trainer is the star witness in this case and the defense is going to do its very best to discredit him. now, today opening arguments.
5:49 pm
day 1. and prosecutors are trying to prove that roger clemens lied to congress three years ago when he testified about using performance- enhancing drugs. he said all along he never did. now the big development this morning, the prosecution said cotton balls and needles used by roger clemens' former trainer were presented that tested positive for both steroids and his d.n.a. now, roger clemens denies again using anything and the defense says that all this new evidence is just fake. it has been concocted. but the defense says he made up the story in order to keep his job in case he ever lost it later on down the road. anita, this trial is expected to last about 4 to 6 weeks. if convicted roger clemens will likely face about 15 to 21 months in jail. anita? >> all right, that d.n.a. evidence talked about as a bottom shell by some. we will see what happens in the coming days and weeks.
5:50 pm
thank you for that. >> all right, anita. sylvester stallone's father has died. he was an italian immigrant. early member of the potomac polo club. he also owned a chain of beauty salons in silver spring. he died in his home in florida from prostrate cancer. he was 91 years olds. emmy award winning actor ted danson is joining the cast of csi replacing lawrence fishburn who left the show after last season. his first show is set to air in the fall when csi moves to wednesday night right here on wusa9. >> not quite as hot as yesterday but it was still fairly warm. >> we went from 97 to 93. so we are going in the right direction. >> tomorrow will be a big change. completely changed the air mass. let's start though with the radars because we are looking still at some thunderstorms to
5:51 pm
the south of town and also some ren grade straggler thunderstorms if you will. big thing to notice is the severe thunderstorm watch is now canceled for us. i mean, it is still down towards richmond but for us it is now history. but these are pretty good thunderstorms out 66. let's look at this with live doppler 9000. i left these on. these are flash flood warnings so some flooding is going on in the wake of these storms which dumped some pretty heft amounts of rain. look at these storms out toward front royal. these are pretty hefty. and we will zoom in. nothing severe just yet but they will lay down some pretty good rainfall rates. 1 to 2 inches per hour out toward markham and just to the west around 66. now, we will put this into motion. where will they go? they will move southeastward. run through here and still hold together pretty well as they kind of go down to the south and east and parallel 211. so nothing severe but get ready for some heavy rain in that neck of the woods. all right. temperatures. in the wake of the storms
5:52 pm
great. in the 70s. pretty much everywhere. 76 downtown. 76 in gaithersburg. 73 in fredericksburg. they just had a pretty heavy thunderstorm. 81 in leesburg and back up to 88 in hagerstown. all right, a break from the humidity is on the way. some early storms tonight. primarily south. but then clearing and cooler later on. breezy and just terrific on thursday. still fantastic on friday. i mean, really a strong finish to the week if you will. for -- for tomorrow, low temperatures in the 60s. winds 10 to 15. lows tonight even inside the beltway about 10 degrees cooler than they have been. upper 60s and low 60s in rockville. fairfax 63. 65 in waldorf. tomorrow night, mostly sunny, breezy. fantastic. 60s and 70s. by afternoon a fantastic day. mostly sunny and warm but not humid. just spectacular. high temperatures about 85. all right. break down tomorrow. 60s to start. straddling 80 degrees at noon.
5:53 pm
so very pleasant. 83 to 86 by 5 p.m. just great. the next three days, fantastic on friday and also on saturday. warming up a little bit on sunday. back in the upper 80s. now the next seven days we will keep it dry on sunday. we are kind of nudging toward 90 again. we are in the low 90s on monday. some clouds come in late. hot next tuesday and wednesday with some showers and thunderstorms. temperatures by then back into the low to mid-90s. but i tell you what we will finish the week strong and weekend looking pretty nice as well. >> sure does. thanks, topper. up next, a 1-2 punch for hiv. coming up new at 6 p.m. >> i don't have a green card. i don't have a visa. to me that is illegal immigrant. >> why this former marine thinks he is not a citizen and how he thinks he fell through the cracks.
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modest day for stocks today. dow finishing the day up 44 points to close at 12,491. s&p 500 rose 4 points. on capitol hill the animal rights group peta brought out two ladies guaranteed to get attention. they showed up in lettuce
5:57 pm
bikinis. they handed out veggy dogs as a way to counter the meat industry's national hot dog month. how much water do we really need? a new report in the british medical journal says the often repeated advice of drinking eight glasses of water every day is unfounded. it can even be harmful if people overhydrate and dilute their electrolit yes, sir. bottled water companies often promote a different message. one doctor that says to tell the color of your urine. if it is darker yellow drink more water. also tonight. really good news in the fight against aids. 3.2% of dc residents are currently living with hiv. two new studies show a couple of pills a day helped the partners of infected people cut
5:58 pm
their chances. >> reporter: a break through in preventing the spread of hiv. these results are very encouraging. >> reporter: two studies followed thousands of hetrosexual men and women in africa. one study by the cdc looked at 1200 people who took daily pills either a real medication or a fake pill. those who took travada were 63% less likely to become infected with hiv. >> it both prevents the virus itself from taking hold in your body and then also reproducing within your blood stream and cells. >> reporter: a second study involved more than 4700 hetrosexual couples where one partner is hiv positive. when the uninfected partner received hiv medications their risk of infection was reduced 62 to 73%. here in the u.s. health officials say it will take some time to figure out how to make the best use of the treatment plans. >> what we need to know now is whether these drugs are effective in the real world.
5:59 pm
some additional issues come to play. will people be able to take the drugs on a daily basis? >> the results were so good in this initial study researchers stomped the research early and began offering the real medication to everybody even those who were getting the placebos or dummy pills. in both studies participants also got counselling and condoms. the relatively low infection rate was seen across the board because of this. 9news now at 6 p.m. starts right now. there is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." a strong line of storms sweeps through the region sending people running for cover. and while those rains are mostly gone the threat of flooding is still here. let's get straight to chief meteorologist topper shutt in the weather center with more. >> that's the problem. the good news most of the storms are clear over the metro area except for southern maryland. the bad news we have got flood warnings. detailed in


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